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Winter Work at EQ

Our crew leader Don Freiwald joins us as a guest blogger, filling us in on what happens behind the scenes during  the cold winter months at EventQuip:

When the days are short and the nights are long and the sun is low on the horizon, the EventQuip warehouse team is in full inventory and maintenance mode. Everyone is working hard to make sure all of our equipment, vinyl and parts are all in top shape for the upcoming spring season. Our shop is rumbling with the sound of sanders as our crew refinishes the wooden center poles for our popular sailcloth tents. The poles are handcrafted here in our warehouse and are carefully maintained by sanding, staining and sealing them in preparation for their use in supporting the sailcloth that is favored by so many of our clients.


Philadelphia Tent Rental

In our fabrication department, Keith keeps our commercial sewing machine buzzing away, carefully crafting custom made vinyl tent applications and maintaining our high standards by making sure all of the vinyl tent tops and sidewall are kept in excellent shape.

Philadelphia Tent Rental
Philadelphia Tent Rental


Elsewhere in the warehouse, there is a team counting, cleaning, repairing and painting the structural equipment that is used in building all of our tents. Here Kevin and Jermaine are color coding and sorting the fittings that we use in building frame tents.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


In the meantime we also have a crew working on maintaining our electrical equipment including exit signs and tent fans.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Down in the wash pit, our vinyl department is extremely busy, washing between 6,000 and 13,000 square feet of vinyl tenting a day. Our standards for clean and fresh vinyl are very high, and our founder Ed Knight wouldn’t have it any other way.

Philadelphia tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Our warehouse manger Eric keeps an eye on the productivity of the crews, ensuring that each task is performed properly and safely. Here Eric takes inventory of the beams that are used in building our temporary structure tents.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Maintaining, painting, and cleaning our equipment is part of our process that enables us  to produce our award-winning tents and installations. Our crews work year round to ensure that our equipment is always ready for our clients’ special events. As the spring season approaches, we will be prepared to deliver and install the quality tenting, flooring, power and climate control that our clients come to expect from EventQuip.

Corporate Event at Luna Farms

On a beautiful late September day, a private party was hosted at the sustainable, all-organic Luna Farm located in Ottsville, PA.  The rustic countryside and grounds provided a stunning backdrop for an EventQuip sailcloth tent where guests feasted on specially prepared appetizers, entrees and desserts created by Chef Jose Garces and his staff.  Luna Farm represents the best in farm to table dining and also sustains many of the Garces East Coast restaurants with organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and honey.


Sailcloth Tent


Chef Garces and his team created their culinary delights in the kitchen and prep area.  After cocktails, appetizers and a presentation by the Iron Chef himself, the guests made their way to the main tent via a candlelit path created for the occasion.

Chef Jose Garces

Chef Jose Garces

Garces Catering

Sailcloth Tent


Orange and red dahlias, ranunculus and hanging amaranthus created by flower designer Dorian Butovich at Central Park Flowers helped to set the seasonal mood of the event. Containers made of mango wood and birch bark wrapped vases complimented the tablescapes. Party Rental, Ltd provided farm tables, chairs, glassware and china to complete the setting.

Central Park Flowers

Sailcloth Tent Interior

Garces Catering

Garces Catering


As the sun began to set, the interior of the sailcloth tent began to glow underneath a sky of billowing clouds. Photographer Lindsey Docherty captured stunning photographs of the surrounding trees, land and sky as the evening’s festivities kicked into high gear.

Best Sailcloth Tent

What a gorgeous photo!

Training at EventQuip!

At the EventQuip warehouse and office in Lansdale, PA we are hearing the sweet sound of jackhammers pounding stakes into the parking lot. Our crew leaders and operations team are hard at work training our seasonal crew to gear up for our busy season. As the weather gets cooler, more events and parties are being held outside and that means we need some extra hands on deck. Our experienced installers and operations managers have developed a training program to help our new installers learn the ropes of safe and proper tent set-up and removal. Take a look at some of the activity that is happening this week as we prepare to move into party season!

After a protective ground cover is spread out on the ground, the tent tops are laid out side to side and securely laced together.


Tent stakes waiting to be hammered into the asphalt help secure the tents. They will be connected to the tents with heavy-duty straps.


Here’s our guy Eugene supervising the jackhammer training.


Don & Eric hard at work supervising the installation.


Learning how to “dress the straps”.  That’s tent-speak for “don’t leave them hanging out all over the place”.


Training tent up!  We used a 30′ x 60′ cook tent for this construction.


Time to take the tent down – loosening the straps and removing the center poles from the tent.


The tent is now down and being ready to be put away. Its amazing how much quicker it is to take it down than to put it up!

Structures – More Than Just a Tent

Not every tent is created equal. Especially when it comes to structure tents – tents that are built on an aluminum beam frame and can hold up to thousands of people. Our job at EventQuip is to make sure that our clients are served with safe, beautiful structures, delivered and installed by our experienced crew, and managed by our professional project managers and office staff. So what makes a structure “not just a tent”? First, take a look at what structures look like:

Clear top Tent Structure on City Street in Philadelphia

Grand Opening of the National Museum of Jewish American History – Clear Vinyl Top & Sidewalls


Structure Tent Philadelphia Main Line

Inside an open-ended white top structure at a private residence


Structure Tent Philadelphia

Small glass house with white top, clear sidewall and glass doors


Structure Tent Glass Sidewall Philadelphia

A close-up of glass wall on a large structure tent outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Structure Tent Clear Top Interior Philadelphia

Inside a clear top structure with clear vinyl sidewall installed over a fountain


White Structure used as Temporary Firehouse

This structure was built as a temporary firehouse, and holds three fire engines and fire equipment


Structure used as Supermarket

This temporary supermarket was built to withstand up to 90 mph winds, and remained in place for 13 months

As you can see, structures can be both beautiful and highly functional. Learn more about structures and their considerations below:

1. Structures are available in a wide range of sizes and varieties.

2. Aluminum beams in varying widths make up the frame of the structure and it is secured in place with either concrete ballasts or long tent stakes.

3. There are a variety of options when designing the look of the structure.  It can be built with clear or white vinyl sidewalls, glass sidewalls for a more elegant look, or no sidewalls at all for a more open feel.  The top can be either white or clear vinyl panels and can be left open at the ends if desired. Clear mini string lights are a classic lighting element, especially when lined along the clear top structures.

4. Structures are also called “clear-span” tents, because there are no interior poles that support the tent.  There is a wide open, unobstructed space inside the tent.  This allows more flexibility in terms of the placement of dance floors, stages, tables and chairs.

5. Installing a structure involves careful pre-planning and skilled, experienced installers who will guarantee the safety of the finished structure.

6. Structures are a great alternative for one or two day special events, but can also be installed on a semi-permanent basis.  Some structures have the ability to resist up to 90 mph winds and snow loads.

7. Just like other tents, structures can be heated or cooled depending on the weather.  The possibilities for lighting and decor are endless and can be quite impressive.

Being inside a structure tent is a unique experience, as you can see from the photos above!



It’s Gettin’ Cold in Here!

How cool is this? Its not just an ice bar, its an ice room! When our friends at Ice Concepts needed a tent to cover this spectacular ice room, they gave us a call. Check this out!

Tent over Ice Lounge Philadelphia

This unique room was built on a courtyard at a local university as part of a donor celebration. We have worked with Ice Concepts in the past, they had built our ice bar for the 2011 NACE Gala. We were happy to work with them again to set up the basic layout and space parameters for their ice room.  EventQuip installed a 15′ x 15′ frame tent along with a 9′ x 7′ marquee tent to lead the guests to the ice bar.

Tent over Ice Lounge Exterior - Philadelphia

After the tent went up, Ice Concepts installed a level platform as the foundation for their room. They brought in over 100 blocks of ice to build the 9″ thick interlocking walls, and then went to work with their chainsaws and chisels to create the patterns and designs all around the room. The overall concept for this special event was created by Explore Productions and the decor was produced by Ryan Designs in Rhode Island. The photo above shows the seafood bar in the foreground along with the exterior of the ice lounge covered by the tent.

Tent over Ice Lounge Interior Philadelphia

Here’s the ice lounge and bar all set up for the big event.  One thing that Ice Concepts didn’t have to rent from us – portable heat!


All photos courtesy of Ice Concepts.