Meet the Team

Ed Knight – Founder & Owner

Ed grew up as a Bucks County farm boy and got his first paying job at the age of 12. By the age of 16, he discovered the possibilities of equipment rental and knew his career would be in that industry. He first installed a rental tent in 1982 while studying management and finance in college. EventQuip was founded in 1994 with the original goal of providing tents and party supplies for small backyard parties. His intense passion for providing top quality, state of the art equipment and service has led to EventQuip’s position as market leader.

With his two sons away at college, Ed enjoys traveling with his lovely bride, attending automobile events, woodworking, fixing things and hanging out with Maxwell and Macy, his Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Ed has never understood the point of professional sports and is the owner of the largest private collection of Tommy Bahama shirts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Alan PavlikSenior Project Manager

Alan is an avid golfer who likes woodworking and gardening in his free time. In his 19 years in the “tent business” he has learned every aspect of what it takes to create a successful tented event. While Alan has designed many award winning projects, he takes his greatest pride in his family. He loves to cook for his wife and daughter, and enjoys spending time down the shore as a family.

Alan is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and he doesn’t care what anybody says, this is the year they’re going to win the Super Bowl.

Steve Parsons – Project Manager

Steve loves a challenge and is always looking for innovative ways to help his clients discover new ideas and creative options. In his free time you can find him in hitting the beach or taking the boat out to fish for dinner. He likes to unwind on the golf course with friends and colleagues.

Steve has his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Penn State University and is pretty good at math.

Amy Shepherd – Office Manager

Amy has lived in Pennsylvania for most her life, with the exception of a brief stint in Maryland (which is also a very nice state). She and her family live with their two giant dogs and two normal sized cats. Amy is obsessed with all things Disney and can’t wait for her next trip to Walt Disney World. As EventQuip’s Office Manager, Amy handles Human Resources, Accounts Payable, and payroll.  She has worked for Ed Knight since she was 17 years old. If you’re wondering how old that makes her now, the answer is 29.

Amy is a really bad dancer but really good at navigating the Internet.

Eric Robinson – Warehouse Manager

Eric was born in Germany and grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Eric served in the United States Army for 8 years, obtaining the rank of Sergeant. He enjoys the challenge of working with many different people and motivating them to provide the best customer experience possible. Eric spends his free time with his wife and their three kids and the two cats they talked him into adopting.  Eric has been with EventQuip since 2006, and he handles the logistics, scheduling and operations of our warehouse and fleet of trucks.

Eric plays a wicked air guitar and pretty much always has a smile on his face.

Carrie Shepherd – Project Manager

Carrie was born in Louisiana and grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. She enjoys planning and organizing, both at work and at home. Carrie also loves to decorate and garden, and spend too much money on shoes. Her most valued time is that which she spends with her twin daughters and loved ones.

Carrie has her MBA from LaSalle University and eats pizza for lunch every single day.

Maxwell – Office Dog

Office Max, as he is affectionately known, likes to visit EventQuip as often as he is allowed. He keeps busy looking adorable, greeting visitors and boosting company morale by traveling from desk to desk for a visit. It is best to avoid staring into his eyes for too long, as he has been known to hypnotize susceptible humans into doing his will.

Max wants everyone to know that his favorite spot to be scratched is directly behind his ears (please use both hands). Also? He is NOT fat. He is fluffy.