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A Luxury Garden Wedding Under a Sailcloth Tent

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This past Fall we had the pleasure of collaborating on a stunning outdoor wedding that took place on a private estate in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  The bride and groom envisioned an elegant garden wedding with organic details and rustic chic tones. Our sailcloth tent and natural wood floor provided the perfect blank slate for the event design created by Beautiful Blooms ~ white washed furniture, farm tables, antiqued silver containers and pewter urns. The weathered gray and taupe proved ideal for showcasing the soft ivory and romantic purple flowers used in the centerpieces. One of our favorite details was the antique hutch placed along our custom-built wooden walkway.  The hutch shelves held multiple frames noting the seating arrangements for the wedding guests.  From start to finish, each and every last detail of this lovely wedding was cleverly considered and successfully produced.  {Photos: Hudson Nichols Photography; except for the last by Ed Knight}

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Tenting at Home: What Challenges to Expect from the Unexpected

At one time or another, everyone considers the idea of hosting a tented event at their home. Why not? Tents can serve as an extension of your home allowing you to entertain larger numbers of family and friends in a personal, outdoor setting. While the ending result is as romantic as you envisioned, if not more so, the process of installing tents in your backyard can be far more complicated than you ever imagined. In fact, at times your home may resemble a construction site. But trust us when we say these complications are well worth the challenges they pose when the finished product is truly magical!

Our suggestion is to go in with your eyes wide open to some of the issues you may face when tenting at home, such as:

Space: Not every backyard can accommodate a tent or collection of tents. Knowing what your space limitations are in relation to your expected guest list is important to ensure you are building an appropriate tented space.

Cost: Tented weddings tend to be more expensive than indoor celebrations. It’s based on time and materials. Be forewarned. More than likely, the bill’s going to be more than if you hosted your event in a hotel ballroom.

Permits & Local Ordinances: For the most part, no matter where you live, you’ll need permits and fire department inspections to install a tent on your property. You may also need to check on noise ordinances to avoid issues with your neighbors.

Utilities: Knowing the locations of your irrigation systems, landscape lighting, septic beds and underground utility lines are crucial to avoid disruption or personal harm.

Weather: You can’t control what Mother Nature brings but you can do your best to take precautions to keep your tented event area safe and dry. Such as building a raised floor off the ground, adding side walls to keep rain from running into the tent, heaters to add warmth, fans to keep air circulating, air-conditioning units to cool entire tents down.

Time: Installation and removal of tents always takes longer than a homeowner anticipates. Either due to the complexity of the build, access to the property or weather delays.

Damage: Some damage or wear-and-tear on your property is inevitable. Installing tents means your lawn will be deprived of light and water for several days, your shrubs and trees may be pushed or bent, and heavy vehicles may leave deep marks on pathways and driveways. However, have no fear, nothing that doesn’t bounce back quickly or isn’t easily fixed after the event.

For more information about tenting-at-home, we invite you to contact one of our Tent Specialists at 215-368-6700.

[Photo:  Rachel McGinn; Decor:  Evantine Design]


Simple Elegance, EventQuip Now Offers Sailcloth Tents for Events

Tents today can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.  Trust us when we say we’ve seen and done every style!  However,  over the past couple of years, the classically simple, nautically-inspired lines of the sailcloth tent have become a popular party favorite.  Favored by today’s savvy brides and special event planners for their streamlined design and translucent fabric, sailcloth tents bring a lightness and elegance to any outdoor celebration.  Although we enjoy installing fully-enclosed structural tents that can serve as your own private air-conditioned ballroom, there really isn’t anything like the open, airy, light as a feather experience of a sailcloth tent. Whether you’re enjoying a waterside vista in warm natural light or dancing the night away under the glow of the big top, sailcloth tents provide a weather resistant outdoor room that no one will forget.

EventQuip is happy to announce we now offer the rental of sailcloth tents in a variety of sizes for events, weddings and parties. But let’s not forget those finishing details! No sailcloth tent is complete without celebratory pennant flags flying at every peak.  Flags can be ordered in a wide range of colors or custom-designed with your logo or company brand to personalize the event in an original fashion.  We also offer stained wood center and side poles which lend a natural or vintage styling to these beautiful tents.

For more information about the styles and types of sailcloth tenting we offer, or to discuss your event in further detail, please contact one of our Tent Specialists at 215-368-6700.