An Elegant At Home Wedding for 400

// Huntingdon Valley, PA

An Elegant At Home Wedding for 400 in Huntingdon Valley, PA

After months of careful planning, our client’s September wedding managed to land right in the eye of the storm. Not quite a hurricane, but as close as Mother Nature could muster in this part of the world. Our clients were willing and able to do whatever was required to make their outdoor celebration dry, comfortable and gracious for their guests. In addition to the main pole tent, EventQuip installed a large tent to shelter the ceremony and cocktail party, as well as connecting marquees, porte cochere for arrivals and an additional kitchen. All tents were floored and covered with black turf and all side wall was battened down for protection. Originally, the ceremony was to take place in an orchard on the property, and our installers built a wide staircase to allow guests to enter the dinner tent from the orchard. However, Mother Nature had other plans.

Credit: Liz Banfield Photography, Evantine Design, Eventions Productions, Culinary Concepts

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