It’s Gettin’ Cold in Here!

How cool is this? It’s not just an ice bar, it’s an ice room! When our friends at Ice Concepts needed a tent to cover this spectacular ice room, they gave us a call. Check this out!

This unique room was built on a courtyard at a local university as part of a donor celebration. We have worked with Ice Concepts in the past, they had built our ice bar for the 2011 NACE Gala. We were happy to work with them again to set up the basic layout and space parameters for their ice room.  EventQuip installed a 15′ x 15′ frame tent along with a 9′ x 7′ marquee tent to lead the guests to the ice bar.

Tent over Ice Lounge Exterior - Philadelphia

After the tent went up, Ice Concepts installed a level platform as the foundation for their room. They brought in over 100 blocks of ice to build the 9″ thick interlocking walls, and then went to work with their chainsaws and chisels to create the patterns and designs all around the room. The overall concept for this special event was created by Explore Productions and the decor was produced by Ryan Designs in Rhode Island. The photo above shows the seafood bar in the foreground along with the exterior of the ice lounge covered by the tent.

Tent over Ice Lounge Interior Philadelphia

Here’s the ice lounge and bar all set up for the big event.  One thing that Ice Concepts didn’t have to rent from us – portable heat!

All photos courtesy of Ice Concepts.