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Our inventory includes every size of structure tent, clear top tent, sailcloth tents, pole tent, and frame tent. Your event is unique, and our project managers will work with you to select the size and style of tenting that is perfect for your special occasion
or corporate event.


EventQuip carries tents & accessories for every event need, including weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, non-profit, commercial & corporate events. Our project managers will guide you to the size and style of tent that is perfect for your special occasion.

Tent Terminology

There are basic terms that the pro’s at Eventquip use regularly that may be foreign to those outside the tent industry. Expressions and words like “mud shore,” “hip,” “storm band,” and others may be confusing to the layman. To help you understand, we’ve put together a list of terms that will make you sound like a pro when planning your celebration.


Also known as clearspan tents, these tents allow an unobstructed space, free from center poles. Highly engineered to meet stringent building codes, structure tents provide you with the highest level of weather protection; an extremely stylish and safe option for your event.

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Clear top tents are great for events that desire ambient and natural lighting, such as weddings and building dedications. The clear top makes for excellent views and is great for natural settings or locations with interesting architecture.

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A timeless tent choice. Sailcloth tents have a natural elegance with stained wood center poles, supporting translucent fabric, which is enhanced by natural light, and a dramatic glow when lit at night; in perfect unison with your environment.

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A traditional style tent with one or more center poles. These elegant tents have a classic silhouette with high peaks. Inside, you will be awestruck by the dramatic sweeping curves of the ceiling.

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These versatile free-standing tents can be utilized virtually anywhere. Excellent choice for smaller events and the perfect complement to a multi-tent installation..

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From ground contour flooring…

to engineered elevated platform systems and floors that extend over swimming pools, EventQuip has the equipment and expertise to create a solid foundation for any event. We offer a variety of flooring options that include basic astro-turf, interior grade plush carpeting, clear acrylic floors, and custom wood planking.

A dance floor can serve as the centerpiece of your event

We offer oak parquet, weathered grey planking, walnut planking, light beach, black & white, and high-gloss white acrylic dance floors.  We also offer custom dance floor appliqués and full graphic overlays to showcase your logo or monogram. Make your dance floor one-of-a-kind with a custom installed option.

Whether you need a basic elevated platform…

or a multi-level, cantilevered, round or clear stage, EventQuip can create the stage for your event. Our large inventory of platforms, steps, handrails and skirting options can be tailored to your location, design and expectation. EventQuip also provides ADA accessible staging and ramps.

If your event will extend to dusk or beyond…

lighting is an integral element; from keeping your guests safe and providing basic lighting to extravagant energizing ambiance. EventQuip offers dimmable up-lighting, color-gelled par lighting, cafe´ string lights and high-bay lighting fixtures for industrial applications. We are also happy to collaborate with your preferred lighting professional.

When you need portable power for your event…

you can count on EventQuip’s expertise to determine your appropriate power and distribution needs. EventQuip has generator sizes to suit your event needs and challenging installation parameters; as well as feeder cables, cable ramps, distribution boxes in various sizes, and heavy-duty extension cords.

Weather is always an important factor at any outdoor event

The comfort of your guests is crucial to the overall success of your event. During the colder months keep temperatures under control with EventQuip’s efficient and versatile propane heaters. We also stock electric and fuel oil units for those occasions where local codes prohibit the use of propane. In warmer months we can keep your guests cool with tent fans and air-conditioning systems.

Temperature controlled construction work-sites can extend your outdoor work season, in turn improving ROI. Emergency Services can also benefit from climate control, when protection from the elements is needed.