Community Day at the New Einstein Medical Center

On the first day of fall, the new Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (EMCM)  located in East Norriton, PA opened its doors to celebrate its upcoming grand opening on September 29th.  EventQuip was there at the “Destination Einstein!” event that allowed the community to explore the new hospital with tours, entertainment and health education activities.  We provided a 82″ x 116″ clearspan European-style structure, which we built in the shadow of the gleaming new building.

Clearspan Tent Exterior

Eager participants lined up to tour the  new facility, meet hospital officials and medical specialists.

Einstein Hospital

Inside our large clearspan structure, members of the community stopped by the educational booths, participated in activities and learned more about the new hospital.  Sometimes people think that a “clearspan” structure or tent means that the roof or tent walls are “clear”.  But as you can see here, this “tent” has a white roof with alternating clear and white walls.  A clearspan structure actually means that the entire interior of the tented area is completely open, or clear, from any poles or structural support.  This provides the client the freedom to place their equipment, tables, chairs, etc. anywhere inside the area that works best for them.  A “clearspan” structure can also be built with an actual clear roof as well, which is beautiful for nighttime events when lit with special event lighting.  These types of structure tents are specially rated for high wind resistance, and can be particularly useful for long term events.

Clearspan Structure Interior

EventQuip also provided auxiliary tents, such as this frame tent (below), service tents, guttered tent connections, restroom trailer tents and lighting and flooring throughout the event.

Einstein Frame Tent Interior

But our clearspan structure was so cool, even the ice cream truck wanted to be next to it!

Montgomery County Clearspan Exterior