Sky High Tenting on the 25th Floor

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, we set up shop on the 25th floor of a skyscraper. A local company was holding an appreciation party for their partners and needed some additional space for dancing. What better place to celebrate than on a 25th floor terrace overlooking the skyline of our beautiful city?
It started off with a phone call from our client back in August, wondering if we would be physically able to install a tent on their building’s rooftop terrace. So we sent down our Senior Project Manager, Alan, to take a look. After meeting with the client, and discussing their needs and concerns, Alan put together a proposal and a drawing for the client to review. Many factors are considered during a site inspection, and this one presented some unique challenges.
First, take a look at the finished product… here is the interior of the tent, after the lighting and staging company set up, ready for the band and the party!
Rooftop tent, interior
Now, here’s how we did it! An unusual load-in and load-out was our first issue to tackle. We checked the size of the elevators, stairwells and access points to ensure our equipment would fit inside. We also needed to be confirm that we could properly secure the tent to the building for the safety of the guests.
Rooftop Tent Load In Philadelphia
Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Load In
Once we moved all of the equipment up the freight elevators, the tent assembly itself was similar to a standard ground-level installation. Here, our crew begins assembling the upper portion of the frame of the tent, which gives the tent its overall shape. The clear and white roof panels are installed while the frame is still on the “ground”.
Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Assembly
Tent on Roof Philadelphia Installation
This photo shows the completed basic tent construction. Since we could not stake the tent into the building, it was secured with water ballasts (the white barrels shown) to weigh the tent down. Once the frame is up, we added the white and clear sidewall that the client requested.
Rooftop tent, water ballasts
Tent on Roof Philadelphia Sidewall Installation
Finally, we attached the tent to the building itself using ropes and ratchet straps to secure it for the comfort and safety of our clients and their guests.
Rooftop Tent - Securing the Tent
Here’s the view of the city that our installation crew enjoyed all day. Good job guys – nice work!