Even Emergency Services Need Emergency Services

What to do when a firehouse itself is damaged beyond repair? Kudos to their leadership for calling on EventQuip for an alternative emergency solution. After a careful review of the location as well as a detailed consultation with the fire chief, we proposed a solution at the initial site meeting including the guarantee that the fire company could park their trucks inside and occupy the temporary building within 24 hours of approval. Needless to say, we got that approval.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 3-c

For obvious first responder reasons, the location of the temporary firehouse would need to be in the same spot as the actual firehouse. Using the existing parking lot of the damaged building was the only way to go. We built a temporary firehouse large enough to fit two fire engines, two smaller fire trucks and all the firefighting gear. As one would imagine, access to the temporary firehouse was a must! We designed the temporary firehouse to allow access through three aluminum roll up doors with more than twelve feet of clearance for the fire trucks. Additionally, two standard man doors for personnel access were installed at appropriate positions on the temporary building.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 5

Our tented temporary firehouse provided exceptional weather protection for the firemen, including its 90 mph wind rating. It remained in use for a total of nine weeks until the actual building damage was repaired.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 2-c

These emergency services are just one more creative adaptation we make with our temporary structural inventory.

{Photos: EventQuip}