Event Accessories
Tables, Chairs and Linens
White Samsonite Chair

Brown Samsonite Chair

Folding Garden Chair

72″ Round
60″ Round
48″ Round
36″ Round
30″ Round
30″ x 72″ Banquet
30″ x 96″ Banquet

*Please call for linen information

Patio Heater

Patio Heater
(Mushroom Heaters)
40,000 btu heaters, rental includes 20 lb. propane tank
Heats 15′ Diameter Area.

White Vinyl Signature Fence

Free-standing sections can be joined together 8′ long x 42″ high

Barricade / Bike Rack Fence

Steel fence interlocks to adjacent fence sections 8′ long x 42″ high

Carpet Runners

Available in almost any width, length or color. Custom binding available.


Stanchions and Ropes
38″ x 14″ chrome stanchion. 6′ red, blue or black velour rope

Feather Flags

16′ Feather flag with colored tassels. Call for color choices and custom designs.

Tent Safety Kit

Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. 1-A :10-B : C dry chemical, illuminated exit sign with backup emergency light and “No Smoking” sign.

Ceremonial Scissors

Ceremonial Scissors
Steel blade with gold handles 25″ .x 8″ 3lbs.

Restroom Trailers

Portable temporary restroom facilites are available in many styles, from basic trailers to upscale variations that include tile floors, granite countertops and carved wood cabinetry.


Rental bleachers. Aluminum seats and steps. Sections have green rear and side guard rails. Meets 1997 Uniform Building Codes (UBC).

We provide tents, structures, flooring, lighting, event rentals, commercial installations and more for functions and events that span the eastern United States. EventQuip has been honored to receive numerous awards for tented design and installation.