Training at EventQuip!

At the EventQuip warehouse and office in Lansdale, PA we are hearing the sweet sound of jackhammers pounding stakes into the parking lot. Our crew leaders and operations team are hard at work training our seasonal crew to gear up for our busy season. As the weather gets cooler, more events and parties are being held outside and that means we need some extra hands on deck. Our experienced installers and operations managers have developed a training program to help our new installers learn the ropes of safe and proper tent set-up and removal. Take a look at some of the activity that is happening this week as we prepare to move into party season!

After a protective ground cover is spread out on the ground, the tent tops are laid out side to side and securely laced together.

Tent stakes waiting to be hammered into the asphalt help secure the tents. They will be connected to the tents with heavy-duty straps.

Here’s our guy Eugene supervising the jackhammer training.

Don & Eric hard at work supervising the installation.

Learning how to “dress the straps”. That’s tent-speak for “don’t leave them hanging out all over the place”.

Training tent up! We used a 30′ x 60′ cook tent for this construction.

Time to take the tent down – loosening the straps and removing the center poles from the tent.

The tent is now down and being ready to be put away. Its amazing how much quicker it is to take it down than to put it up!