Aerial Photographs of Tents Provide A Bird’s Eye View


Aerial photography is a vitally important commercial skill.  Despite the global recession, real estate constitutes a large portion of our economy and the best way to illustrate the value of a building – temporary or permanent – is with a photograph taken from the air.

Whenever possible, EventQuip owner, Ed Knight takes to the skies in helicopters and small planes to gain an aerial vantage point on the tents his team installs along the East Coast.  This bird’s eye view approach gives him the perspective he needs to survey the completed tent installation from its most dramatic, and revealing, angle.  The sky above.

As the small aircraft circles a tent site, Ed is able to capture images of the tent layout and placement as it relates to other buildings, structures and landscapes.  Always useful for marketing purposes, these photographs will also prove invaluable at EventQuip training sessions and team meetings.

It’s just one more way EventQuip differentiates itself from other tent companies in the marketplace.