The Tenting Bar Has Just Been Raised! EventQuip Won a Gala Award for Best Tent Installation at The Special Event 2012!


As we shared in our previous post, we were honored to receive two of the three available nominations for Best Tent Installation for the pinnacle of event awards, the Gala Award from Special Event Magazine.

Well, we’re happy to announce that earlier this evening at the Gala Awards Celebration in Tampa, Florida we WON the Gala Award! The award honors our work on one of the most challenging tent installations we produced in 2011: the tent installed for the grand opening of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. Affectionately called the “Miracle on Fifth Street” by Philadelphia event industry professionals, our award-winning tent installation was built overnight on one of the busiest urban streets in Philadelphia. We invite you to watch the tent as it’s installed exclusively for this prestigious world-class celebration, check it out here.

As ever, we couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishment and thank each and every member of our hard-working tent installation team for their talent, skill and efficiency.  It takes a committed team to make these momentous events happen!

{Gala Award winners for Best Tent Installation, left to right:  at Tent Specialists, Steve Parsons, Alan Pavlik, Ed Knight (Owner) and Mike Sardanopoli, at The Special Event in Tampa, FL}