Al Fresco Weddings Framed in 24 Acres of Historic Beauty

Al Fresco Weddings Framed in 24 Acres of Historic Beauty

From your first visit, you understand that Appleford Estate is a uniquely special place. Imagine a 300-year old sprawling fieldstone home… add a formal garden, an arboretum & a bird sanctuary. Anyone of the features would be enough to draw you in but, the full package is absolutely breathtaking.

Appleford and EventQuip have been working together for 14 years. The sizable bricked-patio that frames two sides of the house is a very desirable area to utilize for events. When they originally contacted EQ, they inquired about covering the patio but, there were concerns about various water issues. It was of the utmost importance to not only create a beautiful space that complements the architecture but a weather-safe area for the guests- “Brides prefer to stay dry”.

EQ worked with Appleford to create a solution that seasonally covered the entire patio with a custom 3,036 square

foot tented-structure, which attaches directly to the house. Every measure was taken to ensure comfort, without sacrificing aesthetics. Features such as weather-resistant flashing along the roofline, skylights which add ambient light, as well as mirror the windows on the house, including the knee-wall “inside the structure” for beauty, as well as to avoid rain splatter- no detail was too small. Creating an effective plan is where experience really shines. When you are engineering a custom tent- you measure twice and cut once. Yearly, EQ manages the structure including installation, repairs, removal, cleaning, storage, and re-installation.





We spoke with Lisa McBride, Appleford Event Planner. She explained that their property is quite flexible with the re-opening regulations based on combining their indoor spaces with their covered patio & extensive grounds. Guests feel very safe based on the amount of indoor and outdoor “spacing” they can offer over 24 acres. This weekend they are hosting their first wedding of the season- a picturesque and intimate wedding for 10 guests. Next week the regulations open further, allowing up to 100 guests. She also mentioned that there are still a few 2020 dates still available but, now that re-opening regulations have expanded, they are closing quickly.

We’re all hungry for social interaction and celebrations and it’s exciting that it is possible to host events again. EventQuip is committed to supporting our clients safely and efficiently, while we navigate this 2020 season.

If you have any questions regarding hosting an event at Appleford, please contact Lisa McBride 

Cell 610-733-1506

Office 610 527 4280