All About Tents and the Importance of the On-site Walk-Through for Outdoor Events


The importance of a site inspection or walk-through of the property to be tented is crucial to the success of the event.  One of our tent specialists will accompany the client, as well as their wedding planner and/or event designer on a comprehensive tour of the grounds to envision how the event will unfold.  Although specifications are not final and will likely morph and change as the planning process continues, at least every logistical challenge is reviewed and processed to ensure an accurate plan and project cost is submitted on the event.  At EventQuip, we believe in knowing as much party planning detail up front as possible.  That, in turn, enables our sales team to provide the client or event planner with the appropriate information and guidance to allow them to make the best decisions for the party.

So grab your note pad, pen and camera and let’s go!  We’ll walk the area with you as the guests would experience the event to uncover all possible concerns/issues along the way, such as:

  • In what manner will the guests arrive?  their own car?  by bus? is there space for cars to pass each other? do we need to provide a tent and/or marquee walkway that gives the guests coverage from rain as they depart their vehicles?  is light needed in these areas to help guests at the end of the night?
  • Where will guests first touch the ground? Is the ground level and hard? or are porta-pathways or custom-built stairs needed to allow guests a safe entrance-way?
  • Are there any disabled guests that would require a ramp for entrance to the event?
  • Where will the party, wedding or event take place?  on an existing terrace? on the lawn? in a field? on a tennis court? in a parking lot? over a pool?
  • Will the event take place on the grass/ground as is? or will a subfloor be needed to level off the floor and offer protection from soggy terrain?
  • Is it a seated dinner? a cocktail style event? will there be food stations, buffets or bars?
  • Is there a lounge area that needs to be placed under the tent? or just outside the tent?
  • Where will the entertainment be placed? do you know how much space they will need? is a green room tent required?
  • Will there be dancing? is a dance floor needed and if so, where will it be placed?
  • Where will your food vendor or caterer set up their kitchen or kitchens?  What is needed for them:  water, power, equipment, trash, lighting? does this are need to be floored?
  • Is there an after-party?  Where do you envision this happening?  Do you want to rent a separate tent for it or reuse one already installed?
  • What restrooms will guests use during all portions of the event? Are portable restrooms needed?  is there easy accessible water or is a self-contained restroom trailer required? is a tent needed to hide the potties?
  • Are there any “ugly” spots or eye-sores that need to be hidden or disguised; such as septic tanks, A/C units, old sheds, etcetera.?
  • Does the landscaping company or gardener need to be consulted on decorative improvements before the tent installation begins?
  • Are there landscaping issues that need to be addressed prior to tent installation? such as tree branches overhanging the access road, or where the tent will be installed, or irrigation systems buried in the lawn, etc.
  • How much power is available on-site?  Are generators needed?  How many and where will they be placed?
  • Is there a concern for climate/temperature control?  meaning, will heaters, fans or air-conditioning units be needed?
  • Where will the water go? What are the additional severe weather control measures in place at the site?  tent sides around the tents?  gutters?  additional marquees and tents set aside?
  • Bug off! Will professional pesticides be needed to control the mosquitos in the event area?
  • Are there any domestic pets that need to be secured away from the noise and construction area for the animal’s safety? (as well as the workers)
  • What is the access to the site?  How will that impact or correspond to the setup time required?
  • For access during inclement weather, will road ply be needed to prevent turf damage and work disruption?
  • Where will all event staff and crew members be permitted to park their cars, trucks and vehicles while they install tents?  Can heavier machines be placed in a safe area near the site?
  • When does everything have to be removed and cleaned up?
  • Where will garbage and trash be taken during the installation, while the party takes place and after the event is over?  is a dumpter needed on property? and will it need to be hidden in a tent?

For more information and tenting tips take a look at our post on Tenting at Home.  Otherwise, our Tent Specialists would be happy to schedule an on-site walk-through at your home or event venue to best evaluate the rental equipment needed for your next party.  215-368-6700.