Don’t Forget, Tents Also Provide Shade on Hot Summer Days


Just outside of Philadelphia lies one of the most picturesque event venues available for outdoor tented parties: Appleford Estate. Dating back more than 300 years, this gentleman’s farm is surrounded by 24 of the most exquisite gardens any bride could hope to find for her outdoor wedding.  Originally part of a land grant from William Penn, Appleford is carefully maintained today as a working arboretum and bird sanctuary.  Tucked into the trees and surrounded by babbling brooks and waterfalls, there’s usually no worry when it comes to heat and shade. Yet, every so often, Mother Nature delivers one of her horrendously hot Summer days and the usually cool gardens need a little extra help.

Even though the semi-permanent tent we had custom-built for Appleford’s wrap-around flagstone terrace was firmly in place for the wedding season, more tents were required to ensure the guests’ comfort on this particular steamy July day. We installed additional tents in the gardens and over the patios adjacent to the main terrace as protection from both the scorching sun. Ceiling and pole fans were installed everywhere we could attach them to keep the air moving throughout the party.

Tents Provide Shade Outdoor Wedding Venues Philadelphia EventQuip

At EventQuip, we pride ourselves on providing real solutions to, what can be, serious party busting issues. Most event planners think of rain and cold as the main reasons tents are needed. Yet, our experienced tent specialists know that the need for shade is just as important, if not more so. Yet again, our last minute climate control measures, as simple as they were, managed to save the day!

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{Photos: Stacey Kane, Decor by Evantine Design}