Even a Freakish Nor’Easter in October Couldn’t Stop This Outdoor Wedding From Happening


Although it ended up taking place during October’s freakish “Snowapocalypse”, Laura and Peter’s outdoor wedding was a joyful celebration made that much stronger by challenging weather circumstances. Certainly, when the bride and groom chose to marry at the charmingly, rustic Miquon School in Philadelphia, they never imagined their outdoor setting dusted in fresh snow and chilly temperatures. Tucked into knolls and wooded grounds, the Miquon School was supposed to provide the ideal open-air wedding ceremony with guests seated on rustic wooden benches, a sunflower-strewn aisle and surrounded by delicate golden Fall foliage. But clearly, Mother Nature had other plans. Several inches of snow mixed with freezing rain would force the bride and groom to move their entire wedding celebration into a series of structural tents. The ceremony tent was indeed challenging, as we needed to fully cover an old-open frame schoolhouse. From there, the guests would be invited into a large heated tent for cocktails, dinner and dancing. Some would think an outdoor wedding would be diminished, if not entirely ruined, by a crazy, out of the blue October snow storm. But not in this case. If anything, the weather only seemed to bring everyone closer together. The bride and groom certainly enjoyed themselves, even in the snow!

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