Tenting Over a Pool Requires VERY Careful Planning for this Main Line Philadelphia Wedding


For many, the idea of hosting a large tented event in their backyard seems impossible. The useable area is too small, there’s fencing or landscaping on all sides, the neighbors’ homes are too close, or, as in this case, there’s a swimming pool right smack in the middle.  Have no fear!  Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to turn challenging logistics such as these into sensational entertaining!  For instance, for a recent outdoor wedding celebration at a private home in the Main Line suburb of Bryn Mawr, we built a tent right on top of the homeowner’s existing pool.  Right on top!

As with every tent installation, our Tent Specialists must first perform a thorough site-evaluation of the property to determine the build’s parameters and safety considerations.  The first site evaluation for this event took place on a snow-covered Winter’s day where the entire backyard and pool were covered in several feet of freshly fallen snow.  A couple months later, when Spring returned to melt the snow, our team was able to investigate the pool area in further detail.  All of our careful (and patient) planning proved invaluable this past September when we started the actual tent installation.

Before we can raise the tent we must first build the floor over the pool.  The team systematically covered the entire pool area — the pool itself as well as the surrounding patios — with an intricately layered design of metal beams, sub-flooring and polished hardwood. Once laid out, as if you were installing a hardwood floor in your home, our in-house installers cut the edges of the flooring panels to conform exactly to the shape of the area.  This allowed us to provide as much square footage as possible, but also the oval and softly rounded shape was pleasing to look at from a design perspective.

On top of the wooden deck we installed a 30 x 50 white pole tent with ambient lighting as well as colorful paper lanterns.  Add crisp white linens tablecloths, natural wood folding chairs, round dinner tables, colorful table settings, and bright floral arrangements and you have the perfect backyard celebration!

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