Corporate Event at Luna Farms

On a beautiful late September day, a private party was hosted at the sustainable, all-organic Luna Farm located in Ottsville, PA.  The rustic countryside and grounds provided a stunning backdrop for an EventQuip sailcloth tent where guests feasted on specially prepared appetizers, entrees and desserts created by Chef Jose Garces and his staff.  Luna Farm represents the best in farm to table dining and also sustains many of the Garces East Coast restaurants with organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and honey.


Sailcloth Tent


Chef Garces and his team created their culinary delights in the kitchen and prep area.  After cocktails, appetizers and a presentation by the Iron Chef himself, the guests made their way to the main tent via a candlelit path created for the occasion.

Chef Jose Garces

Chef Jose Garces

Garces Catering

Sailcloth Tent


Orange and red dahlias, ranunculus and hanging amaranthus created by flower designer Dorian Butovich at Central Park Flowers helped to set the seasonal mood of the event. Containers made of mango wood and birch bark wrapped vases complimented the tablescapes. Party Rental, Ltd provided farm tables, chairs, glassware and china to complete the setting.

Central Park Flowers

Sailcloth Tent Interior

Garces Catering

Garces Catering


As the sun began to set, the interior of the sailcloth tent began to glow underneath a sky of billowing clouds. Photographer Lindsey Docherty captured stunning photographs of the surrounding trees, land and sky as the evening’s festivities kicked into high gear.

Best Sailcloth Tent

What a gorgeous photo!

It’s Gettin’ Cold in Here!

How cool is this? Its not just an ice bar, its an ice room! When our friends at Ice Concepts needed a tent to cover this spectacular ice room, they gave us a call. Check this out!

Tent over Ice Lounge Philadelphia

This unique room was built on a courtyard at a local university as part of a donor celebration. We have worked with Ice Concepts in the past, they had built our ice bar for the 2011 NACE Gala. We were happy to work with them again to set up the basic layout and space parameters for their ice room.  EventQuip installed a 15′ x 15′ frame tent along with a 9′ x 7′ marquee tent to lead the guests to the ice bar.

Tent over Ice Lounge Exterior - Philadelphia

After the tent went up, Ice Concepts installed a level platform as the foundation for their room. They brought in over 100 blocks of ice to build the 9″ thick interlocking walls, and then went to work with their chainsaws and chisels to create the patterns and designs all around the room. The overall concept for this special event was created by Explore Productions and the decor was produced by Ryan Designs in Rhode Island. The photo above shows the seafood bar in the foreground along with the exterior of the ice lounge covered by the tent.

Tent over Ice Lounge Interior Philadelphia

Here’s the ice lounge and bar all set up for the big event.  One thing that Ice Concepts didn’t have to rent from us – portable heat!


All photos courtesy of Ice Concepts.

The Breathing Room

For us at EventQuip, this time of year is a little colder in the office, but our table is always full of snacks, goodies and deliveries from our clients and friends. Its a time for all of us to appreciate what we have and to be thankful for our friends and families. It is also a time that our owner Ed Knight and his wife Janet open their hearts and join others in our community by sponsoring families who are in need. Every year Ed and Janet support a charity close to their hearts called The Breathing Room Foundation. This charitable organization will bring the holiday spirit to over 100 local families by delivering meals, clothing, necessities and gifts to those families that are affected by cancer. Over 300 children will have their “wish lists” fulfilled by the generosity of sponsors and volunteers in the surrounding communities of Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County. We are honored to be part of this season of giving back, and proud to be a part of giving the families of those who suffer from cancer a little “Breathing Room”.

Breathing Room Gifts


Community Day at the New Einstein Medical Center

On the first day of fall, the new Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (EMCM)  located in East Norriton, PA opened its doors to celebrate its upcoming grand opening on September 29th.  EventQuip was there at the “Destination Einstein!” event that allowed the community to explore the new hospital with tours, entertainment and health education activities.  We provided a 82″ x 116″ clearspan European-style structure, which we built in the shadow of the gleaming new building.

Clearspan Tent Exterior

Eager participants lined up to tour the  new facility, meet hospital officials and medical specialists.

Einstein Hospital

Inside our large clearspan structure, members of the community stopped by the educational booths, participated in activities and learned more about the new hospital.  Sometimes people think that a “clearspan” structure or tent means that the roof or tent walls are “clear”.  But as you can see here, this “tent” has a white roof with alternating clear and white walls.  A clearspan structure actually means that the entire interior of the tented area is completely open, or clear, from any poles or structural support.  This provides the client the freedom to place their equipment, tables, chairs, etc. anywhere inside the area that works best for them.  A “clearspan” structure can also be built with an actual clear roof as well, which is beautiful for nighttime events when lit with special event lighting.  These types of structure tents are specially rated for high wind resistance, and can be particularly useful for long term events.

Clearspan Structure Interior

EventQuip also provided auxiliary tents, such as this frame tent (below), service tents, guttered tent connections, restroom trailer tents and lighting and flooring throughout the event.

Einstein Frame Tent Interior

But our clearspan structure was so cool, even the ice cream truck wanted to be next to it!

Montgomery County Clearspan Exterior



Even Emergency Services Need Emergency Services

15m firehouse eventquip tenting companies philadelphia area

What to do when a firehouse itself is damaged beyond repair? Kudos to their leadership for calling on EventQuip for an alternative emergency solution. After a careful review of the location as well as a detailed consultation with the fire chief, we proposed a solution at the initial site meeting including the guarantee that the fire company could park their trucks inside and occupy the temporary building within 24 hours of approval. Needless to say, we got that approval.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 3-c

For obvious first responder reasons, the location of the temporary firehouse would need to be in the same spot as the actual firehouse. Using the existing parking lot of the damaged building was the only way to go. We built a temporary firehouse large enough to fit two fire engines, two smaller fire trucks and all the firefighting gear. As one would imagine, access to the temporary firehouse was a must! We designed the temporary firehouse to allow access through three aluminum roll up doors with more than twelve feet of clearance for the fire trucks. Additionally, two standard man doors for personnel access were installed at appropriate positions on the temporary building.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 5

Our tented temporary firehouse provided exceptional weather protection for the firemen, including its 90 mph wind rating. It remained in use for a total of nine weeks until the actual building damage was repaired.

Firehouse Tent Emergency Commercial Tenting EventQuip 2-c

These emergency services are just one more creative adaptation we make with our temporary structural inventory.

{Photos: EventQuip}