Corporate Events


Corporate Event at Luna Farms

On a beautiful late September day, a private party was hosted at the sustainable, all-organic Luna Farm located in Ottsville, PA.  The rustic countryside and grounds provided a stunning backdrop for an EventQuip sailcloth tent where guests feasted on specially prepared appetizers, entrees and desserts created by Chef Jose Garces and his staff.  Luna Farm represents the best in farm to table dining and also sustains many of the Garces East Coast restaurants with organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and honey.


Sailcloth Tent


Chef Garces and his team created their culinary delights in the kitchen and prep area.  After cocktails, appetizers and a presentation by the Iron Chef himself, the guests made their way to the main tent via a candlelit path created for the occasion.

Chef Jose Garces

Chef Jose Garces

Garces Catering

Sailcloth Tent


Orange and red dahlias, ranunculus and hanging amaranthus created by flower designer Dorian Butovich at Central Park Flowers helped to set the seasonal mood of the event. Containers made of mango wood and birch bark wrapped vases complimented the tablescapes. Party Rental, Ltd provided farm tables, chairs, glassware and china to complete the setting.

Central Park Flowers

Sailcloth Tent Interior

Garces Catering

Garces Catering


As the sun began to set, the interior of the sailcloth tent began to glow underneath a sky of billowing clouds. Photographer Lindsey Docherty captured stunning photographs of the surrounding trees, land and sky as the evening’s festivities kicked into high gear.

Best Sailcloth Tent

What a gorgeous photo!

You Should Be Dancin’ – Yeah!

Wood Parquet Dance Floor under Tent in Philadelphia area

Of course you want your special event to be perfect. So many things go into planning a special birthday, wedding, mitzvah or any other big party. You want the setting and ambience to match the mood of your celebration, and the food to be delicious. But most of all, you want to have fun! For most people, fun includes dancing to a live band or a DJ. EventQuip offers many dance floor alternatives to get your guests up and moving! Here are some considerations and information to help you when deciding which dance floor is best for you.

General Dance Floor Considerations

1. Approximately 50% of the people at a party will dance if there is good entertainment

2. One couple needs approximately 9 square feet of space to dance comfortably

3. A younger crowd means that most likely more than 50% of people will dance, but they generally dance closer to each other, and therefore may use a little less space

4. An older crowd indicates that less than 50% of people will dance, but they need more room because the style of dancing requires more space to move comfortably

5. You want to provide a big enough dance floor for your guests, but not so large that it appears empty

See the following chart that provides approximate guidelines for the number of guests and recommended dance floor sizes: 

Dance Floor Size Guidelines *
Total Number of Guests Approximate Number of Dancing Guests at One Time Size Options
60 30 12′ x 12′
90 45 15′ x 15′
130 65 18′ x 18′
170 85 20′ x 21′
200 100 21′ x 24′
230 115 24′ x 24′
270 135 24′ x 28′
* Note, all estimates and sizes are approximate.  Please call for custom sizes for your event. We have many custom sizes and options available.

Take a look at some of the floors we have done in the past, and let us know what you think! We can install our dance floors directly onto outdoor grassy surfaces (provided they are protected by a tent), on top of our leveled flooring, or at an indoor venue, either directly onto carpet, tile, granite or other hard surface.  We can even create elevated floors so that everyone can see the action. EventQuip has beautiful oak parquet dance floors, all black floors, all white floors, and we can do custom checkerboards or other designs.  We can also create custom decals and laminates that are adhered to the dance floor for a signature look.

White Dance Floor installed over a Pool under Tent; Philadelphia Tent, Bucks County Dance Floor, Montgomery County Dance Floor

This 18′ x 18′ white dance floor was placed on a custom elevated floor that we installed to extend over our client’s outdoor pool.  It is all enclosed by a large clear span tent that was set up adjacent to the back of the client’s home to act as the lounge and main party space for this special event.


Dance Floor on Grass Under Clear Top Tent Main Line Philadelphia

For a rustic wedding on a family farm last fall, the bride and groom chose a traditional and warm wood parquet floor for their guests to enjoy. This was installed directly on the level grass surface and is secured by beveled aluminum trim around the edges.


Custom Laminate Dance Floor Philadelphia

Here’s our wood parquet dance floor covered with a custom laminate decal that our client loved.  The decal is affixed to the floor with a special laminate backing that is durable enough for dancing, but can be easily removed when the party is complete.


Black & White Checkerboard Dance Floor Philadelphia

Here’s a fun black and white checkerboard dance floor that reflects the black and white color scheme of this party. Its placed under a white frame top tent and surrounded by our charcoal outdoor carpeting.


White Dance Floor under Pole Tent Philadelphia

At this Lilly Pulitzer-inspired wedding along the Delaware River, our client asked for our gleaming white dance floor to keep the party bright!  Surrounding the dance floor is our plush tan carpeting installed over leveled flooring.


Wood Parquet Dance Floor in Ballroom Philadelphia

Here’s another example of our wood parquet dance floor, this time installed on top of carpet inside a special events venue.


Former PA Governor Ed Rendell on our White Dance Floor Philadelphia

Finally, we have former Pennsylvania Governor and former Philadelphia Mayor, Ed Rendell tearing it up on our white dance floor under a pretty little clear top tent!



Sky High Tenting on the 25th Floor

Last week in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, we set up shop on the 25th floor of a skyscraper. A local company was holding an appreciation party for their partners and needed some additional space for dancing. What better place to celebrate than on a 25th floor terrace overlooking the skyline of our beautiful city?

It started off with a phone call from our client back in August, wondering if we would be physically able to install a tent on their building’s rooftop terrace. So we sent down our Senior Project Manager, Alan, to take a look. After meeting with the client, and discussing their needs and concerns, Alan put together a proposal and a drawing for the client to review. Many factors are considered during a site inspection, and this one presented some unique challenges.

First, take a look at the finished product… here is the interior of the tent, after the lighting and staging company set up, ready for the band and the party!

Rooftop tent, interior

Now, here’s how we did it! An unusual load-in and load-out was our first issue to tackle. We checked the size of the elevators, stairwells and access points to ensure our equipment would fit inside. We also needed to be confirm that we could properly secure the tent to the building for the safety of the guests.

Rooftop Tent Load In Philadelphia

Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Load In

Once we moved all of the equipment up the freight elevators, the tent assembly itself was similar to a standard ground-level installation. Here, our crew begins assembling the upper portion of the frame of the tent, which gives the tent its overall shape. The clear and white roof panels are installed while the frame is still on the “ground”.

Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Assembly

Tent on Roof Philadelphia Installation

This photo shows the completed basic tent construction. Since we could not stake the tent into the building, it was secured with water ballasts (the white barrels shown) to weigh the tent down. Once the frame is up, we added the white and clear sidewall that the client requested.

Rooftop tent, water ballasts

Tent on Roof Philadelphia Sidewall Installation

Finally, we attached the tent to the building itself using ropes and ratchet straps to secure it for the comfort and safety of our clients and their guests.

Rooftop Tent - Securing the Tent

Here’s the view of the city that our installation crew enjoyed all day. Good job guys – nice work!

Rooftop tent, view

View of Philadelphia from Rooftop Tent


Community Day at the New Einstein Medical Center

On the first day of fall, the new Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (EMCM)  located in East Norriton, PA opened its doors to celebrate its upcoming grand opening on September 29th.  EventQuip was there at the “Destination Einstein!” event that allowed the community to explore the new hospital with tours, entertainment and health education activities.  We provided a 82″ x 116″ clearspan European-style structure, which we built in the shadow of the gleaming new building.

Clearspan Tent Exterior

Eager participants lined up to tour the  new facility, meet hospital officials and medical specialists.

Einstein Hospital

Inside our large clearspan structure, members of the community stopped by the educational booths, participated in activities and learned more about the new hospital.  Sometimes people think that a “clearspan” structure or tent means that the roof or tent walls are “clear”.  But as you can see here, this “tent” has a white roof with alternating clear and white walls.  A clearspan structure actually means that the entire interior of the tented area is completely open, or clear, from any poles or structural support.  This provides the client the freedom to place their equipment, tables, chairs, etc. anywhere inside the area that works best for them.  A “clearspan” structure can also be built with an actual clear roof as well, which is beautiful for nighttime events when lit with special event lighting.  These types of structure tents are specially rated for high wind resistance, and can be particularly useful for long term events.

Clearspan Structure Interior

EventQuip also provided auxiliary tents, such as this frame tent (below), service tents, guttered tent connections, restroom trailer tents and lighting and flooring throughout the event.

Einstein Frame Tent Interior

But our clearspan structure was so cool, even the ice cream truck wanted to be next to it!

Montgomery County Clearspan Exterior



EQ’s 2012 Company Picnic Under a Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent
At our annual employee appreciation picnic, the kids played egg-toss, ran a three-legged race and jumped up to stand on the winners’ platform for photo ops.  Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to all of the winners.  The grown up kids played horseshoes in our annual tournament.  Adults and kids alike played poker, blackjack and bet the house on roulette under our gorgeous sailcloth tent.

Sailcloth Tent

This greatly anticipated annual event hosted by our company founder, Ed Knight and his wife Janet, is always the buzz around EventQuip for the entire summer. Everyone looks forward to getting together with their friends, co-workers and families for fabulous food, icy refreshments, fun and games. This year, Ed surprised us with a “Casino Night” courtesy of Eric Walker at Tonz of Fun; complete with 5 casino table games, custom “EventQuip” poker chips and a live performance by musician Lorenzo Branca. Industry icons Gene Blum and Richard Kisco acted as our casino dealers and kept the dice hot and the cards moving fast.  Needless to say, the craps table was packed throughout the night!

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent

sailcloth tents

Sailcloth Tent

The always-exceptional Max Hansen catered a delicious buffet of tenderloin steaks, barbequed chicken, sliders, salads and sweet corn on the cob. The kids splashed in the pool, raced around the yard and chowed down at the scrumptious ice cream bar with candy toppings. Adults enjoyed custom cigars hand-rolled on-site under a separate tent.

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent

But the sparkling centerpiece of the event was the beautiful sailcloth tent that was highlighted with custom gobos that projected images of cards, dice and our “EQ” logo. Round tables covered with black and white checkerboard tablecloths, stalks of bamboo from the garden and lush red roses completed the look.

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent

At the end of the evening, each guest departed with a cool EventQuip beach towel, which asked the question “Got Tent?”…Yes,we “Got Tent”, and a whole lot of fun!