Winter Work at EQ

Our crew leader Don Freiwald joins us as a guest blogger, filling us in on what happens behind the scenes during  the cold winter months at EventQuip:

When the days are short and the nights are long and the sun is low on the horizon, the EventQuip warehouse team is in full inventory and maintenance mode. Everyone is working hard to make sure all of our equipment, vinyl and parts are all in top shape for the upcoming spring season. Our shop is rumbling with the sound of sanders as our crew refinishes the wooden center poles for our popular sailcloth tents. The poles are handcrafted here in our warehouse and are carefully maintained by sanding, staining and sealing them in preparation for their use in supporting the sailcloth that is favored by so many of our clients.


Philadelphia Tent Rental

In our fabrication department, Keith keeps our commercial sewing machine buzzing away, carefully crafting custom made vinyl tent applications and maintaining our high standards by making sure all of the vinyl tent tops and sidewall are kept in excellent shape.

Philadelphia Tent Rental
Philadelphia Tent Rental


Elsewhere in the warehouse, there is a team counting, cleaning, repairing and painting the structural equipment that is used in building all of our tents. Here Kevin and Jermaine are color coding and sorting the fittings that we use in building frame tents.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


In the meantime we also have a crew working on maintaining our electrical equipment including exit signs and tent fans.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Down in the wash pit, our vinyl department is extremely busy, washing between 6,000 and 13,000 square feet of vinyl tenting a day. Our standards for clean and fresh vinyl are very high, and our founder Ed Knight wouldn’t have it any other way.

Philadelphia tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Our warehouse manger Eric keeps an eye on the productivity of the crews, ensuring that each task is performed properly and safely. Here Eric takes inventory of the beams that are used in building our temporary structure tents.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Philadelphia Tent Rental


Maintaining, painting, and cleaning our equipment is part of our process that enables us  to produce our award-winning tents and installations. Our crews work year round to ensure that our equipment is always ready for our clients’ special events. As the spring season approaches, we will be prepared to deliver and install the quality tenting, flooring, power and climate control that our clients come to expect from EventQuip.

Training at EventQuip!

At the EventQuip warehouse and office in Lansdale, PA we are hearing the sweet sound of jackhammers pounding stakes into the parking lot. Our crew leaders and operations team are hard at work training our seasonal crew to gear up for our busy season. As the weather gets cooler, more events and parties are being held outside and that means we need some extra hands on deck. Our experienced installers and operations managers have developed a training program to help our new installers learn the ropes of safe and proper tent set-up and removal. Take a look at some of the activity that is happening this week as we prepare to move into party season!

After a protective ground cover is spread out on the ground, the tent tops are laid out side to side and securely laced together.


Tent stakes waiting to be hammered into the asphalt help secure the tents. They will be connected to the tents with heavy-duty straps.


Here’s our guy Eugene supervising the jackhammer training.


Don & Eric hard at work supervising the installation.


Learning how to “dress the straps”.  That’s tent-speak for “don’t leave them hanging out all over the place”.


Training tent up!  We used a 30′ x 60′ cook tent for this construction.


Time to take the tent down – loosening the straps and removing the center poles from the tent.


The tent is now down and being ready to be put away. Its amazing how much quicker it is to take it down than to put it up!

Advance Tent Planning for Bad Weather

With Old Man Winter bearing down on us and bringing unpredictable weather events, it is important to remember advance planning for your special event. Ed Knight, our owner, shares an interesting story from several years back.

Ed recalls meeting with our clients and their planner, decorator and caterer at the clients’ home to discuss the initial planning stages for their son’s Bar Mitzvah. Our clients were excited to get their home and grounds ready far in advance of this special day and celebration. They had their event team meet at their home, three years in advance, to begin the initial plans and site evaluation. Their son’s 13th birthday was in early December, and as such, so would the Bar Mitzvah be. The meeting was also set for early December, so everyone would have a sense as to what to expect for the weather. However, this particular December day was unusually mild, with nearly 70 degree temperatures and everyone in short-sleeve shirts.

Our clients knew that they wanted to hold the main celebration under a tent that we would set up in their backyard. Ed did what we call a “site evaluation” where we come to the clients home, talk to them about their expectations and survey the location. We inspect the actual property size, location of the home, trees, walkways, shrubs and access points for the guests, as well as for our crews and equipment.

This is the actual photo that Ed took on the day of the site evaluation, where he laid down tape on the ground to outline where the main tent would be located in the yard. The original plan was for one tent, with retractable sidewall and a catering tent.  The cocktail hour would be held in the yard.

Tent for Bar Mitzvah; Philadelphia Tent Rental

However, Ed knew that it was unlikely that the December day three years later would be equally as warm.  He had to draw up a proposal for bad weather. Now, that is something that we do on a regular basis. Anyone considering an outdoor event needs to fully understand that they might just get a rainy, windy, snowy or swealtering hot day. Sometimes, you might get a freakish out-of-the-blue “Snowicane” that happened to this bride in October 2011.

Ed worked up a “bad weather” plan just in case it snowed or rained on the big day. Our clients were completely aware and prepared for any additional options that they would need. Its a good thing that everything was planned in advance, since this photo was taken the day of the party!

Tent in Snow, Philadelphia Tent Rental

Everyone was kept warm and dry, thanks to advanced planning by all of those involved. Here are some important things to consider whether dealing with a little bit of rain, or a full-on snowstorm:

1. Will there be a need for flooring under your tent?  If the ground is wet, muddy, or snowy, you might need to consider some type of flooring and turf/carpeting to protect your guests shoes and clothing.

2. Will you need additional heating or cooling options? If the weather gets freezing cold, or sweltering hot, we have various options for heating and cooling down the inside of the tents.  We have kept over 1,000 guests warm in the middle of winter and have sheltered guests from rains and winds with our various sidewall options.

3. Your caterer might need additional space under cover. Many parties have space for a catering or “prep” tent.  However, when the weather goes to extremes, those people may need additional heated or cooled space because they won’t have any access to the outdoors, which they frequently use for their “spillover” needs. A catering tent may need to be bigger than originally planned.

4. Covered walkways may need to be added.  This will allow your guests to be warm and dry while moving from the driveways or the event site to the main tent, in addition to the restrooms.

5. Consider adding restroom trailers fully enclosed by tents.  We have a wide variety of restroom trailer considerations from basic to luxury options. This will allow guests ease of use, without having to enter into the main home.

6. Will you need an additional tent for cocktail hour if the weather is bad? Many clients originally plan for outdoor cocktails without cover, but this may be a consideration if the weather does not cooperate.

Our experienced project managers have the knowledge and the skill to design not only your fair weather event infrastructure, but can provide you with optional plans based on the possibility of severe weather. While everyone keeps their fingers crossed for the best weather scenario, the truth is we just never know what kind of weather that Mother Nature will bring.  Our advice is to be prepared!


Sky High Tenting on the 25th Floor

Last week in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, we set up shop on the 25th floor of a skyscraper. A local company was holding an appreciation party for their partners and needed some additional space for dancing. What better place to celebrate than on a 25th floor terrace overlooking the skyline of our beautiful city?

It started off with a phone call from our client back in August, wondering if we would be physically able to install a tent on their building’s rooftop terrace. So we sent down our Senior Project Manager, Alan, to take a look. After meeting with the client, and discussing their needs and concerns, Alan put together a proposal and a drawing for the client to review. Many factors are considered during a site inspection, and this one presented some unique challenges.

First, take a look at the finished product… here is the interior of the tent, after the lighting and staging company set up, ready for the band and the party!

Rooftop tent, interior

Now, here’s how we did it! An unusual load-in and load-out was our first issue to tackle. We checked the size of the elevators, stairwells and access points to ensure our equipment would fit inside. We also needed to be confirm that we could properly secure the tent to the building for the safety of the guests.

Rooftop Tent Load In Philadelphia

Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Load In

Once we moved all of the equipment up the freight elevators, the tent assembly itself was similar to a standard ground-level installation. Here, our crew begins assembling the upper portion of the frame of the tent, which gives the tent its overall shape. The clear and white roof panels are installed while the frame is still on the “ground”.

Rooftop Tent Philadelphia Assembly

Tent on Roof Philadelphia Installation

This photo shows the completed basic tent construction. Since we could not stake the tent into the building, it was secured with water ballasts (the white barrels shown) to weigh the tent down. Once the frame is up, we added the white and clear sidewall that the client requested.

Rooftop tent, water ballasts

Tent on Roof Philadelphia Sidewall Installation

Finally, we attached the tent to the building itself using ropes and ratchet straps to secure it for the comfort and safety of our clients and their guests.

Rooftop Tent - Securing the Tent

Here’s the view of the city that our installation crew enjoyed all day. Good job guys – nice work!

Rooftop tent, view

View of Philadelphia from Rooftop Tent


Don’t Forget, Tents Also Provide Shade on Hot Summer Days

Just outside of Philadelphia lies one of the most picturesque event venues available for outdoor tented parties: Appleford Estate. Dating back more than 300 years, this gentleman’s farm is surrounded by 24 of the most exquisite gardens any bride could hope to find for her outdoor wedding.  Originally part of a land grant from William Penn, Appleford is carefully maintained today as a working arboretum and bird sanctuary.  Tucked into the trees and surrounded by babbling brooks and waterfalls, there’s usually no worry when it comes to heat and shade. Yet, every so often, Mother Nature delivers one of her horrendously hot Summer days and the usually cool gardens need a little extra help.

Tented Events Main Line Outdoor Party Venues EventQuip

Even though the semi-permanent tent we had custom-built for Appleford’s wrap-around flagstone terrace was firmly in place for the wedding season, more tents were required to ensure the guests’ comfort on this particular steamy July day. We installed additional tents in the gardens and over the patios adjacent to the main terrace as protection from both the scorching sun. Ceiling and pole fans were installed everywhere we could attach them to keep the air moving throughout the party.

Tents Provide Shade Outdoor Wedding Venues Philadelphia EventQuip

At EventQuip, we pride ourselves on providing real solutions to, what can be, serious party busting issues. Most event planners think of rain and cold as the main reasons tents are needed. Yet, our experienced tent specialists know that the need for shade is just as important, if not more so. Yet again, our last minute climate control measures, as simple as they were, managed to save the day!

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{Photos: Stacey Kane, Decor by Evantine Design}