What a great start to a rainy Friday morning here at EventQuip! Our friend Nick Desiderio from AFR Event Furnishings stopped by with his latest catalogs, new event design software and a treat for the office team.

AFR Visits EventQuip

Nick, Ed and Steve catch up on AFR’s latest furniture offerings

Nick explained how AFR is using the web-hosted software Social Tables to help their clients visualize 3D options when designing room layouts for events. Using the software, he was able put together a quote and a drawing for our client in just a few minutes. Social Tables has incorporated the entire AFR furniture line into the platform so it is easy to create various designs and layouts with a few clicks of the mouse.

AFR Visits EventQuip

Nick gives Steve a demo of “Social Tables” software

Collaborating with other special event partners and learning about their processes helps us to better serve our clients. Nick’s visit was a great opportunity for our staff to stay up to date on the latest event furnishing options and design elements.

In addition to his fabulous furniture rental collection, Nick also brought a big bag of bagels and toppings for our office team. Thanks to Nick for breakfast – the small skirmish over the cinnamon bagel ended painlessly!

AFR at EventQuip

Friday morning breakfast!


Safety Training

At EventQuip, safety is always our top priority. As part of our ongoing commitment to personal, property and equipment safety procedures, our crew leaders, installers and warehouse team gather to review the processes that keep them and others safe at work sites and in the warehouse. Our Operations Manager and Warehouse Manager lead the discussion to insure that everyone understands our personal and property safety guidelines. We also bring in safety experts to provide additional detailed information and training.

The meeting’s topics may include ladder safety, driving and backing up procedures, personal protective gear and emergency procedures.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Warehouse and Operations Team lead the Safety Meeting

Although it may not seem obvious, installing tents can be a dangerous proposition. The tent vinyl, poles and frames are very heavy. There are multiple parts and many people involved in a tent installation and removal. The area that a tent needs to be installed may be uneven, rocky or muddy. Nearby trees and tight areas may present an installation challenge. During the hot summer months, installers need to be sure to stay hydrated and protected in the sun. Crew members need to be focused and aware of their surroundings and keep their personal safety training in mind to avoid injury. Safety procedures must be followed while operating equipment including forklifts, loaders, truck and jackhammers.

Philadelphia Tent Rental

Fluorescent jackets keep our crew warm and highly visible!

We also take precautions and follow procedures to insure that we minimize the impact of the installation on our clients’ property. Our tents and equipment are installed with great care and respect for the grounds, buildings and other personal property that they are being installed near.

The safety of our employees and the protection of our clients’ property lies in our hands, and we make sure that our crew is properly trained to ensure that they know the procedures to stay safe on the job.

Structures – More Than Just a Tent

Not every tent is created equal. Especially when it comes to structure tents – tents that are built on an aluminum beam frame and can hold up to thousands of people. Our job at EventQuip is to make sure that our clients are served with safe, beautiful structures, delivered and installed by our experienced crew, and managed by our professional project managers and office staff. So what makes a structure “not just a tent”? First, take a look at what structures look like:

Clear top Tent Structure on City Street in Philadelphia

Grand Opening of the National Museum of Jewish American History – Clear Vinyl Top & Sidewalls


Structure Tent Philadelphia Main Line

Inside an open-ended white top structure at a private residence


Structure Tent Philadelphia

Small glass house with white top, clear sidewall and glass doors


Structure Tent Glass Sidewall Philadelphia

A close-up of glass wall on a large structure tent outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Structure Tent Clear Top Interior Philadelphia

Inside a clear top structure with clear vinyl sidewall installed over a fountain


White Structure used as Temporary Firehouse

This structure was built as a temporary firehouse, and holds three fire engines and fire equipment


Structure used as Supermarket

This temporary supermarket was built to withstand up to 90 mph winds, and remained in place for 13 months

As you can see, structures can be both beautiful and highly functional. Learn more about structures and their considerations below:

1. Structures are available in a wide range of sizes and varieties.

2. Aluminum beams in varying widths make up the frame of the structure and it is secured in place with either concrete ballasts or long tent stakes.

3. There are a variety of options when designing the look of the structure.  It can be built with clear or white vinyl sidewalls, glass sidewalls for a more elegant look, or no sidewalls at all for a more open feel.  The top can be either white or clear vinyl panels and can be left open at the ends if desired. Clear mini string lights are a classic lighting element, especially when lined along the clear top structures.

4. Structures are also called “clear-span” tents, because there are no interior poles that support the tent.  There is a wide open, unobstructed space inside the tent.  This allows more flexibility in terms of the placement of dance floors, stages, tables and chairs.

5. Installing a structure involves careful pre-planning and skilled, experienced installers who will guarantee the safety of the finished structure.

6. Structures are a great alternative for one or two day special events, but can also be installed on a semi-permanent basis.  Some structures have the ability to resist up to 90 mph winds and snow loads.

7. Just like other tents, structures can be heated or cooled depending on the weather.  The possibilities for lighting and decor are endless and can be quite impressive.

Being inside a structure tent is a unique experience, as you can see from the photos above!



The Breathing Room

For us at EventQuip, this time of year is a little colder in the office, but our table is always full of snacks, goodies and deliveries from our clients and friends. Its a time for all of us to appreciate what we have and to be thankful for our friends and families. It is also a time that our owner Ed Knight and his wife Janet open their hearts and join others in our community by sponsoring families who are in need. Every year Ed and Janet support a charity close to their hearts called The Breathing Room Foundation. This charitable organization will bring the holiday spirit to over 100 local families by delivering meals, clothing, necessities and gifts to those families that are affected by cancer. Over 300 children will have their “wish lists” fulfilled by the generosity of sponsors and volunteers in the surrounding communities of Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County. We are honored to be part of this season of giving back, and proud to be a part of giving the families of those who suffer from cancer a little “Breathing Room”.

Breathing Room Gifts